University of the Highlands and Islands

Scotland’s newest university, University of the Highlands and Islands is a unique partnership of 13 academic learning and research institutions. With a broad student body consisting of a diverse range of ages and geographical locations, the University offers flexible study which is facilitated by technology.

The largest partner in the University, Inverness College UHI, is based at Inverness Campus catering for over 6,500 students rising to 8,500 by 2020.  The new building will open its doors this week providing for full and part-time students, as well as offering a range of facilities open to all of the community.

The Breadth of Opportunity

The university in Inverness offers a wide ranging curriculum from national certificate to post graduate degrees with over 200 courses in 30 subject areas. Working with the business community is a priority with a large selection of commercial courses, many of them bespoke, catering for the needs of a diverse range of sectors and professions.  Each course is designed with employer or industry in mind to ensure maximum benefit and return on investment.

UHI at Inverness Campus

Inverness College UHI offers a range of degrees, many reflecting the industries and culture of the region.  These include Architectural Technology, Archaeology, Engineering, Environmental Science, Oral Health Science and Sustainable Forest Management. 

Traditional courses include, Scottish History, Literature and Psychology and vocational courses on offer include computing and business studies, management, hospitality, science and creative industries.   There is a broad choice which suits a variety of tastes and interests.


The university will base a number of key research departments at Inverness Campus in new purpose built facilities. Research at Inverness Campus will focus on:

  • Life Science including Centre For Rural Health
  • Fish Genetics
  • Offshore Surveying and Marine Technology
  • Pedagogy – Learning and Teaching Academy
  • Economic Intelligence Unit
  • Low Carbon Institute