Centre for Health Science 2

Plans for major new development ‘Centre for Health Science 2’ displayed for public viewing

The proposal to create an innovative healthcare and life sciences multidisciplinary centre, serving the whole of the Highlands and Islands region, is currently on display in Highlands and Islands Enterprise's (HIE's) An Lòchran office on Inverness Campus. It is a joint project between NHS Highland, the University of the Highlands and Islands and HIE. It is forecast to create around 189 new jobs.

The ‘Centre for Health Science 2’ will be housed within a building of more than 8,000m2 on Inverness Campus. Occupying the largest proportion will be a £34m elective care centre for the north of Scotland, led by NHS Highland. Due to open in 2021, this will have 28 inpatient beds, four operating theatres, as well as inpatient and outpatient facilities.

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Cluster benefits

We are developing a world-class business location with pioneering facilities. The Campus is the ideal base for businesses looking to take advantage of shared resources, a collaborative environment, and innovative organisations all working together in one location.

Building on the success of the adjacent Centre for Health Science, LifeScan Scotland and Raigmore Hospital, Inverness Campus has a number of key research and education organisations collocating within An Lòchran, the Enterprise and Research Centre working together to form a uniquely innovative environment.

Not surprisingly a number of companies are also located within the Inverness region with potential to create business and research partnerships for mutual benefit. 


“Angus Watson pulled together an outstanding group of surgeons – much useful advice, many exciting ideas and overall a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement.  Couldn’t be more encouraging.” 

Mark Abbs CEO, OrganLike


“ Being located here is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with  academics and research scientists.”

Tony Wall, Veterinary Ophthalmologist: Partner

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The Centre for Health Science

The Centre for Health Science (CfHS) was developed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. It is designed specifically to encourage interaction between the people within it and is a key part of the nucleus of Life sciences organisations located within the wider Collaborative Inverness Campus.

The centre is one of the first in the UK in which the public, private and academic sectors are co-located with a focus on excellence in health science and biotechnology. Research, education, training, patient care and business development all takes place under one roof. 

At the CfHS you can study at one of the four universities who have students here, attend clinical training courses, host an event in the centre, visit the dental or diabetes centre or locate your business here. You can also follow daily developments here Facebook Logo Twitter Logo

An Lòchran, The Enterprise and Research Centre

An Lòchran is a multiple occupancy building co-locating Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) with key research and education departments from the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and research and consultancy divisions from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). 

An Lòchran includes #hellodigital, a digital demonstration suite and the University of Highlands and Islands STEM Hub, which encourages young people to become more involved in science and technology based subjects in support of our region's future workforce development.

Inverness College, UHI

Inverness College UHI opened its doors to students at Inverness Campus in August 2015. The new facility which represents a £50 million investment occupying 18,500 sq.m, enables Inverness College to realise its ambitious vision of creating an iconic, modern, tertiary education environment. 

Inverness College UHI is one of the largest partners of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). Through a partnership with 12 other colleges and internationally renowned research centres, they are enabling people to study high quality further and higher education across the region. A selection of courses, from national certificates to post graduate degrees, are taught to over 6,500 full-time and part-time students.

Student residences are available through UHI's accommodation provider Cityheart, the new facilities provide around 300 units.