19 September 2018

Can red wine really protect you from the harmful effects of junk food?

Inverness Campus Ambassador, Professor Ian Megson of University of the Highlands and Islands, will tonight appear on the BBC programme Trust Me I'm A Doctor.

For the popular health programme, Ian and his team designed and ran a clinical study which looked into whether antioxidant drinks could impact on the harmful effects of unhealthy food. The team worked with seven healthy volunteers to investigate whether orange juice, green tea or red wine, taken with an unhealthy meal, could prevent the harmful cardiovascular impact of the meal itself. The results have been analysed and will be discussed on tonight's programme. 

Professor Megson heads up the university's Health Research & Innovation department and oversees the activities of a team of 68 researchers, academics and phd students. He is also involved in the design and curriculum development and research for the School of Health at the university. Ian's research interests cover nanotoxicity and the role of antioxidants in the management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He has a particular focus on the role of nitric oxide in vascular disease. 


Filming took place at the Centre for Health Science, one of the two collaborative centres that are part of Inverness Campus. The Centre for Health Science hosts four universities, working alongside the NHS and commercial businesses.

Trust Me is on BBC 2 at 8pm on Wednesday 19 September.