On the Ground

760 Scientists/clinicians
7 Universities
The Highland Clinical Research Facility 
450 Bed hospital

3 Research institutions 
Over 4,600 staff
One of Scotland’s largest Life Science Company
Business incubators
Business Accelerator

Over 65% of the University of the Highlands and Islands research has been classified as “world leading” or “internationally excellent”

Research in health, environment, marine science, history and archaeology, Gaelic and Nordic Studies are all recognised by the Research Excellence Framework.

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The Centre for Health Science complex hosts the following collaborative research organisations, The Highland Diabetes Institute including:

• UHI Department of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Science
• NHS Highland Diabetes Centre
• LifeScan Scotland Ltd

The Highland Clinical Research Facility 
The Centre for Rural Health 
NHS Highland R&D 
The Highland Surgical Research Facility

An Lòchran, the Enterprise and Research Centre also accommodates:

• UHI Department of Offshore Engineering.
• UHI Rivers and Lochans Institute.
• UHI Learning and Teaching Academy. 
• SRUC Epidemiology and SAC Consultancy.


One Health

“One Health” is a recognition that farmed animal, wildlife, environmental and human health are all closely inter-linked, and therefore requires a multi-disciplinary approach to help in tackling disease, particularly infectious diseases (e.g. Ebola, Lyme etc.). 

Scoland's Rural College (SRUC) plays a key role in the One Health field with their zoonotic disease interests, NHS Highland also has particular strengths in this area.  This, when combined with the excellent array of human health and medical expertise in Inverness, provides a strong platform to develop ‘One Health’, and has already resulted in business enquiries to the Campus site.

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Research areas within the 'One Health' theme in addition to zoonoses are indicated below:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Colo-rectal Disease
  • Mental Health
  • Pharmacy
  • Biomarkers

Smart Communities

The Smart Communities initiative seeks to create a ‘test-bed’  in the Highlands where NHS, academia, commerce, and the 3rd sector can come together to test innovations in service delivery and management. The key objectives of are:

  • Attract new digital health business to the Highlands and Islands
  • Test innovation and measure outcomes for NHS Highland
  • Build capacity in a resurgent UHI (vocational courses for care workers, new digital health workers, academic service evaluation)

The Smart Communities aims to create solutions for the Health Service and communities in the Highlands and Islands whilst building business capacity and academic value. 

'Smart Community' provides cross-sectoral and international opportunities for SMEs and also for social enterprises and the third sector. It seeks to deliver in five key areas as follows:

  • Innovation in Products and Service Delivery     
  • Remote Healthcare Delivery (Institute of Remote Healthcare)
  • Digital Technology
  • Digital Solutions
  • “Rural School”


Wellbeing, Exercise and Preventative Measures addresses physical activity (and inactivity) in disease management and prevention.

It identifies how best to deliver training, education and the outputs from research in the rural and remote dimensions.

Following on from the broard remit of the Wellbeing theme specific areas of interest will be as follows:

  • Primary Care
  • Informatics
  • Business/Health Projects
  • Social Care