An Lòchran. The Enterprise and Research Centre

Highlands and Islands Enterprise is co-located with key research and education departments from the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and research  division from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

This unique partnership aims to work together to encourage young people to become more involved in science and technology based subjects.

The Highlands and Islands provide an opportunity for Life Science companies to expand their presence in a location with a well established supply chain.

There is a breadth of work in animal health across the region from academia, public sector and industry with expertise ranging from aquaculture, to farm and domestic animals.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are a magnet for progressive industries and innovative businesses, with landmark achievements in life sciences and marine biotechnology, business services and renewable energy.  

These growing sectors, together with successful tourism, food and drink and creative industries, are helping to build and enrich the region's diverse economy. 

In addition to HIE staff, a number of the organisation’s partners, including Wave Energy Scotland (WES), the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS), Interface and Scottish Development International, are also based at the Centre. For more information go to our website>>

UHI Research

UHI Department of Offshore Engineering, Inverness is led by Professor Angus Jamieson, a well-known consultant in marine positioning and directional drilling. Angus is developing a new Masters course in surveying for the offshore industries. UHI were the host publishers of the first e-book on the subject of wellbore positioning which has been accessed by over 15,000 engineers worldwide. Read more>>

The Rivers and Lochs Institute headed up by Prof Eric Verspoor, aims to develop and deliver bespoke research, education and training to support management for change and adaptation in freshwater biodiversity. The RLI specialises in Molecular Genetic Research to aid in the conservation and management of all biodiversity in rivers and lochs, including fish stocks. Read more>>

A range of educational research and development activities are being taken forward by Professor Keith Smyth, Chair of Pedagogy, and the Educational Development Unit led by Jacky MacMillan. The new Learning Lab in An Lòchran has been developed as a dynamic, malleable space to support work in this area, and advance pedagogic research and practice within UHI and the wider sector. Read more>>

SRUC (Scotland's Rural College) Epidemiology Research Unit

The Epidemiology Research Unit, under Professor George Gunn, is focused on improving and maintaining animal population, health and welfare by integrating a range of science, including epidemiology, to develop our understanding of animal disease control. 

SRUC (Scotland's Rural College) are also engaged in research into animal diseases that can affect humans (zoonoses) as well as  being involved in a range of studies to help provide an evidence base to stakeholders in the livestock industry. Read more>>


Highlands and Islands Enterprise is committed to making its region a world class digital region.

#hellodigital, based on Inverness Campus, brings industry leaders, such as Google and Microsoft, to the region to help businesses reach new markets and operate better online.  

For more information and a list of up coming events click here>>


UHI Stem Hub

A great opportunity to enthuse children in science within a purpose-built facility in An Lòchran. The STEM Hub has a strong emphasis of sciences, technology, engineering and maths, which are all major priorities at both school and higher education level. By engaging with school pupils of all ages the STEM hub stimulates excitement and interest in these key areas with the aim of highlighting new and exciting job opportunities for these youngsters. What's going on  Twitter Logo

Is your business an ideal fit for Inverness Campus?

Thinking of relocating?

Inverness Campus offers many opportunities for growing innovative organisations. We describe many of the reasons why Inverness Campus may be the ideal place for you to locate and expand your organisation throughout the website - so have a look around and if you've still got questions, get in touch with us.

To help you in your decision-making process, we’ve outlined the kind of organisations we feel would most benefit from being part of the Campus community and our development strategy outlines our future plans. 

Our plan

The Inverness Campus Development Strategy sets out how we propose to realise the significant benefits that the Campus project offers.

Inverness Campus is already flourishing and continues to grow apace, fulfilling the original vision of a place where businesses, academia, the public sector and community all thrive. Our vision is for a high quality, accessible location that maintains its clear Highland identity and continues to have a positive environmental impact.

We have created a collaborative and innovative community where intellectual and commercial interests intertwine. The Campus provides an attractive and creative environment for investors worldwide. 

The main industry focus of existing businesses at the Campus is life sciences and technology. We're keen to expand this focus and strengthen collaboration opportunities amidst similar, like minded businesses. 

Do you fit the criteria?

If the criteria below sounds like you or the business values you hold, get in touch to become part of our thriving community: 

  • Knowledge industries – organisations focused mainly on information and knowledge rather than on the production of goods.
  • Collaborative – wishing to be part of a shared ‘open innovation’ ethos where co-location can result in working together to develop new ideas, products and services resulting in commercial benefits
  • Organisations with high growth potential
  • Organisations that will benefit from the proximity of, and access to, the university sector and the NHS
  • Organisations that are innovative and active in research 
  • Organisations that align with our vision and development strategy, adding value to the Campus.

Does this sound like you?

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