Thinking of relocating?

Inverness Campus offers many opportunities for growing innovative organisations. We describe many of the reasons why Inverness Campus may be the ideal place for you to locate and expand your organisation throughout the website - so have a look around and if you've still got questions, get in touch with us.

To help you in your decision-making process, we’ve outlined the kind of organisations we feel would most benefit from being part of the Campus community and our development strategy outlines our future plans. 


The Inverness Campus Development Strategy sets out how we propose to realise the significant benefits that the Campus project offers.

Inverness Campus is already flourishing and continues to grow apace, fulfilling the original vision of a place where businesses, academia, the public sector and community all thrive. Our vision is for a high quality, accessible location that maintains its clear Highland identity and continues to have a positive environmental impact.

We have created a collaborative and innovative community where intellectual and commercial interests intertwine. The Campus provides an attractive and creative environment for investors worldwide. 

The main industry focus of existing businesses at the Campus is life sciences and technology. We're keen to expand this focus and strengthen collaboration opportunities amidst similar, like minded businesses. 


If the criteria below sounds like you or the business values you hold, get in touch to become part of our thriving community: 

  • Knowledge industries – organisations focused mainly on information and knowledge rather than on the production of goods.
  • Collaborative – wishing to be part of a shared ‘open innovation’ ethos where co-location can result in working together to develop new ideas, products and services resulting in commercial benefits
  • Organisations with high growth potential
  • Organisations that will benefit from the proximity of, and access to, the university sector and the NHS
  • Organisations that are innovative and active in research 
  • Organisations that align with our vision and development strategy, adding value to the Campus.


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