Solasta House on Inverness Campus


If your ambition, values and vision line up with ours, the Campus could be your perfect business home.

Thinking of relocating?

If you’re involved in changing how products and services in the human and animal healthcare sector are delivered and want to join a vibrant community of innovators and investors – then contact us to discuss your future at Inverness Campus.

We have a range of fantastic development options available including plots, office, lab and workshop space. More than just a place to grow, you’ll be part of a community of technology and life sciences businesses, researchers, academics and organisations who work together to create new ideas, products and services.

If you feel you have a strong degree of fit, we would be delighted to speak with you to explore your proposal in more detail.


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We have space available for the following types of organisations:

  • Technology and life sciences businesses delivering innovation and research;
  • Knowledge industries – organisations with a focus on information and technology;
  • Organisations with high growth potential;
  • Organisations that would particularly benefit from increased engagement with the NHS and university sector for mutual benefit;
  • Organisations that align with and add value to our Campus Development Strategy;
  • Inward investments, where locating on the Campus will support innovation and/or secure new economic activity for our region;
  • Organisations operating in a national or international market. For those operating in a local market, the product or service must be unique.


Our Ethos

Inverness Campus aims to encourage and support research, development and innovation in technology and life sciences. We’re a specialist park, and business space on the Campus is prioritised for those enterprises progressing life sciences and technology. Our key location criteria is that your business would benefit from and bring benefit to the ‘co-innovation’ activity here. 

Examples of organisations unlikely to fit the criteria include those delivering local business services -  provision of professional services e.g. solicitors, accountants, etc; retail; and large scale industrial.

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Our Plan

The Inverness Campus Development Strategy sets out how we propose to realise the significant benefits that the Campus project offers, both at a local and international level. 

The Campus is already flourishing and continues to grow apace, fulfilling the original vision of a place where businesses, academia, the public sector and community all thrive and grow in one location. Our vision includes the delivery of a high quality, accessible location that maintains its clear Highland identity and continues to have a positive environmental impact.

We've created a collaborative and innovative community where intellectual and commercial interests intertwine. And the Campus provides an attractive and creative environment for investors worldwide. 

The main industry focus of existing businesses at the Campus is life sciences and technology. We're keen to expand this focus and strengthen collaboration opportunities amidst similar, like minded businesses. 

Read our Inverness Campus Development Strategy

Useful documents

To learn more about the Campus vision, our development strategy and the design guidelines we adhere to, have a look at our useful documents below.

Development strategy

Inverness Campus is taking shape – growing out of the ground in numerous exciting and forward-looking ways. Over the past five years, under the strategic guidance of Inverness Campus Partnership Forum, excellent progress has been made by HIE and its partners towards delivering the collective vision of the Campus as an innovative, collaborative space that provides a stimulating educational environment, attracts knowledge-based businesses and is enjoyed by the local community.

This short strategy document summarises the journey so far and our future plans up to 2023.

Design guidelines

Our guidelines provide a design framework to deliver coherence and quality in the overall masterplan of Inverness Campus. The guidelines define the design principles and parameters that are requirements for the development of plots within phase 1 and outline the quality and nature of the estate landscape and infrastructure being developed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

Ambassadors newsletters

The Campus Ambassadors programme brings together a wide variety of individuals who work at, or have a connection to Inverness Campus. Key to the programme is sharing updates about Campus developments and opportunities for the benefit of those already here and to share with wider networks.

You can see our most recent ambassadors newsletters below. 

Our visitor guide

Our visitor guide can help you find your way around Inverness Campus when you visit us. It also includes brief summaries of the plots available for development, where they're located within the Campus grounds, and who else is already operating here.

Inverness Campus Landscape and Habitat Management Plan

HarrisonStevens and JDC Ecology were commissioned in May 2011 by HIE to complete a Landscape and Habitat Management Plan to guide and direct the management and maintenance of the 35Ha campus. This document, updated in 2017, sets out to identify the goals and long term objectives of landscape aesthetics, function and appropriate usage.

Landscape and Habitat Management Plan

Inverness Campus - Travel and Transport Plan

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HIE, in partnership with UHI, NHS Highland and Inverness College UHI, have produced a plan outlining the principles and anticipated actions to address travel and transport issues in and around the Campus. 

Travel And Transport Plan Oct 19


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