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Working in Collaboration

The Campus is the ideal location for your business to benefit from shared resources and a custom designed environment enabling partnership working across research, academia and business.

Collaboration at the heart of our Campus

When designing the Campus, we wanted a site that could provide space - inside and out - to help businesses link up with others, spark new ideas and be inspired by their physical surroundings. The opportunity to easily work together has meant that knowledge is more accessible and easily shared.

What we’ve found whilst developing the Campus, and watching it grow apace with new organisations taking residence here, is that having a great mix of companies, researchers and academics together in one location, produces a plethora of new ideas that can be translated into  action and lead to fast paced innovations, inventions and discoveries, as well as growth and employment opportunities. It’s all about exchanging knowledge, learning from it and turning it into reality. 

Scotland’s approach to the life sciences sector is characterised by a collaborative spirit. And here at the Campus this spirit is strong  and continues to attract and anchor businesses to the region.

The Campus has opened up incredible opportunities for sharing knowledge, skills and facilities. With so many experts in the vicinity, we can tap into very broad expertise and build relationships on a really personal level.
Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, Founder, Aseptium

Take a virtual tour

Take a virtual tour around Inverness Campus. It’s a great way to see our pioneering and collaborative business environment up close. Choose to locate here and you too could be part of the growing cluster of researchers, businesses, academia and scientists specialising in life sciences, digital healthcare and technology.


One of the many ways the Campus promotes collaboration is through the provision of shared working spaces. Our purpose built Campus has a number of buildings, each serving a different purpose for those located here.

Meet your neighbours

Inverness Campus has quickly become a real hub of life sciences, healthcare and technology businesses, offering huge potential for collaborative working. Take a look at the businesses you have the opportunity to share a space with below.

Being located here is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with academics and research scientists.
Tony Wall, veterinary ophthalmologist, Scottish Vets Referrals

Make the move

Have a look at our videos to hear from those who have chosen to make the move to live and work in the Highlands and Islands.

Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, owner of Aseptium

Hear how Corporate Health International build their business in Inverness.


Across Inverness Campus there is a range of innovative activity in the fields of life sciences and technology.

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Solasta Opening Aseptium And DFM Comp And Crop

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What does a Campus Ambassador do? It's simple, they help spread the word about all the great work and opportunities available at the Campus.

We all have networks and contacts, whether they’re in academia, research, education, economic development or business, or local, national and even international connections. Using those networks is a key way to engage with more like minded people, attract others to locate on the Campus, and strengthen the ever growing collaborative environment.

By signing up to become an Ambassador, we’ll keep you up to date on new and exciting developments as they happen, and all we ask is that you tell others about them. Word of mouth is our strongest communications network.

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More about the Campus

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About Inverness Campus

Inverness Campus is a world-class location for life sciences, and technology based in the Highlands of Scotland. It provides the ideal location for collaborative working.

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