15 October 2019

Active health in the spotlight


A leading health researcher will present a free lecture in Inverness later this month.


Professor Trish Gorely from the University of the Highlands and Islands will explore the different approaches which can be used to encourage and support people to lead physically active lifestyles.


With a background in sport science and psychology, Professor Gorely has worked in teams designing and evaluating interventions promoting active lifestyles in schools, community groups and clinical populations. Her work has included national and international collaborations and has helped to inform government policy.


In her lecture, Professor Gorely will talk about some of the projects she has been involved in over her 25-year career. This includes supporting teachers to design physical activity curriculum and working with people with heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


She explains: “A lot of attention is given to ‘healthy lifestyles’ in the media. We are regularly told to eat more fruit and vegetables, reduce dietary fat, exercise regularly and sit less. However, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of the joy of movement by positioning physical activity as something we only have to do for health. We should be aiming to help embed physical activity as a way of life and recognise that choice and autonomy are important too.


“I’ll speak about a variety of approaches that have been used to encourage people to move more and sit less, providing examples from my own work and that of my colleagues and students.”


Professor Gorely’s lecture, ‘Why moving more is simple but complex: reflections on 25 years of trying’, will take place at Inverness College UHI from 5.30pm on Wednesday 30 October. She will be available for audience questions and the lecture will be followed by tea and coffee.


To book or find out more, visit www.uhi.ac.uk/events

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