07 October 2019

Solvay announces joint venture with Aqua Pharma

Paramove producer Solvay, and Aquatiq have concluded a joint-venture agreement regarding Aquatiq Group company, Aqua Pharma. The companies said Solvay and Aqua Pharma aim to become a key aquaculture player by offering a wide range of sustainable and efficient solutions for sea lice control and amoebic gill disease (AGD) to the salmon industry. Together they will put a strong focus on research & development, new products and new treatment methodology, and will further develop treatments for other fish species. 

“Together, we believe that our combined expertise will bring value to the growing aquaculture industry in facing both challenges of fish health and environment protection with sustainable solutions.” said Georges Crauser, Solvay Peroxides Global Business Unit President.

Solvay will bring its deep expertise in hydrogen peroxide technology, while Aqua Pharma offers a state of the art dosing equipment for Solvay’s product Paramove® to safeguard animal welfare and the environment with maximum efficacy.  Aqua Pharma has been the exclusive distributor of Paramove® for the last 10 years.

Aqua Pharma has the largest hydrolicer treatment unit  - a complementary sustainable solution offered to the customers to fight sea lice in Norway.

Aqua Pharma.png

“This partnership with a company like Solvay, established in more than 60 countries, will allow us to accelerate our development to better serve customer needs around the globe,'' says Elvin Bugge, Aqua Pharma CEO.

Aqua Pharma is investing in new treatment solutions and will provide a new technology for Paramove® treatment as from October 2019.

Aqua Pharma has been based at Aurora House on Inverness Campus since May 2016.