14 April 2020

Campus in the time of coronavirus

Inverness Campus is usually the workplace for over 900 people. A small number of these workers are helping to tackle COVID-19 by developing essential products and services to assist our health and social care workers. 

Inverness Campus is open to let those carrying out essential and permitted work continue to do so.

Almost thirty acres of Inverness Campus has been open to the public since opening in 2015 and has become a popular destination for outdoor recreation. However during this time of restrictions it is important that everyone follows government guidelines to stay at home and only go out for food, health reasons or work. If you do go out stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times. Time spent outside should be done close to home, and the public has been advised not travel by car to access the outdoors.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), as owners of Inverness Campus, ask that members of the public do not drive to the Campus for recreational use. For those who stay close and walk or cycle to the Campus for  exercise please follow follow the important national guidelines  on observing social distancing to avoid any unnecessary risk to those working or staying at the Campus

When the current restrictions are lifted the Campus owners will be delighted to welcome you back.  

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